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William D. Pickett, Senior Partner of Pickett Law Group, is a former Virginia Prosecutor and graduate of the University of Richmond Law School, and University of South Carolina Undergrad. He has over 35 years of legal experience handling over a thousand criminal cases. He has successfully defended against charges spanning from murder to traffic violations. With cases featured on 60 minutes. Whether it's a serious felony or a more common misdemeanor, William D. Pickett has the experience. 

Mr. Pickett's experience has garnered him incredible respect from many well-known practitioners in Virginia, including former Commonwealth Attorneys, Judges, and Prosecutors. It would be difficult to find any defense attorney more respected in the halls of any Virginia Courthouse. 


Partner & Senior Attorney

"Will Pickett is just about the most professional defense attorney in Fairfax County. He kept me informed the whole way and ultimately got my assault charge dismissed."

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John W. Pickett
Partner & Associate Attorney

"I had the privilege of working alongside John Pickett for three years, during which time I witnessed him demonstrate his professionalism, laudable work ethic, and trial skills on a daily basis."

John W. Pickett is a former Prosecutor in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is a graduate of the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law. Mr. Pickett garnered extensive trial and litigation experience during his time in the Commonwealth Attorney's Office. 

John Pickett earned a reputation as a fair and honest prosecutor during his time in the Commonwealth Attorney's Office while successfully handling several high profile cases in the Commonwealth. He has now focused his incredible trial skills to defend the citizens of Virginia in multiple areas of law. Mr. Pickett is now a respected defense lawyer who is not afraid to take a case to trial and win. 


Arthur P. Pickett
Partner & Associate Attorney

"It was a pleasure to have such a young and gifted lawyer who put so much time and effort into my case. He is extremely confident and argued effectively in court. Couldn’t be more pleased."

Arthur Pickett is a graduate of the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law. Mr Pickett graduated with outstanding honors ranked 3rd in his graduating class. He now specializes in criminal defense and civil litigation including personal injury. 

Mr. Pickett served as a Law Clerk to one of the premier military defense firms in the country where he helped secure multiple large scale settlements for members of America's armed forces. His experience includes cases in both state and federal jurisdictions. Arthur Pickett takes an aggressive approach to litigation holding the Commonwealth's feet to the fire. 

Arthur now specializes in a wide variety of cases including criminal defense, personal injury, divorce, and sexual harassment claims. 

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