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Why Every Victim Should Have an Attorney in a Title IX Sexual Harassment Hearing  

New Title IX Regulations 


On August 20, 2020, new regulations went into effect guiding university misconduct hearings for Title IX violations. Under these new regulations, both complainants and respondents in a Title IX investigation have the right to one individual of their choosing to serve as their advisor throughout the investigation process. A Title IX Advisor's role can prove critical during a hearing. Many schools now allow Advisors to cross examine witnesses during a misconduct hearing. Having a trained trial attorney cross examining witnesses on your behalf provides an enormous advantage during a misconduct hearing. 

How We Can Help


Our team is comprised of experienced trial attorneys and civil litigators who have translated these unique skills to misconduct hearings. Our Attorneys have helped victims of sexual harassment seek justice and hold university perpetrators accountable. Our team will help guide you through the Title IV process which can be daunting for victims. Coming out and telling your story of sexual harassment can be a terrifying experience, but our lawyers will make sure you are provided a fair and detailed hearing, so your story is not swept under the rug.  

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