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ASAP Violation In Virginia 

What is the ASAP Program in VA


In Virginia, the ASAP Program stands for the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program. ASAP, through its classes and probation, is a condition of a DUI sentence in Virginia. DUI's in VA fall under VA Code § 18.2-266. The conditional requirements of ASAP include a 20 hour educational program, alcohol and other drug screenings, installation of ignition interlock in your vehicle, as well as a substance abuse evaluation. 

Failure to Comply with ASAP Conditions

If you fail to comply with any of the requirements of ASAP, it can result in a probation violation and an ASAP Non-Compliance Charge. VA Code § 18.2-271.1Importantly, since ASAP is a condition of any suspended sentence in a DUI conviction, the court may impose part of or the entirety of the suspended sentence if you fail to comply with ASAP requirements. 

What to Do if You Pick Up an ASAP Violation While On Probation for a DUI

If you pick up a ASAP violation charge while on probation for a DUI, you will have the opportunity to "Show Cause" why the court should not impose the remaining suspended jail sentence. VA Code § 19.2-306. This is done through a hearing on the matter. In Fairfax, these hearing are usually placed on the 2p.m. docket. Because these violations carry the risk of prolonged jail time, it is critical you have experienced representation during the hearing. 

How We Can Help

The Pickett Law Group, PLLC is an experienced law firm with two generations of former prosecutors, who have fought from both sides of the courtroom on issues like ASAP violations. Our experience allows us to think like the prosecution and understand the tactics they will attempt will utilize against you. Contact us today and we will begin fighting on your behalf to keep you out of jail. 

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