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Traffic Ticket Defense in Fairfax County, VA

Why Should You Fight Traffic Tickets?


Oftentimes, paying the fine for a traffic ticket seems like the mot hassle-free option to deal with a traffic infraction. However, it is important to remember that paying a fine is the same as pleading guilty. If you have numerous points against your driving record, or where you are also facing reckless driving charges, paying the fine and pleading guilty is not the best option.


Furthermore, fines, court costs, and other difficulties associated with traffic tickets can be extremely costly. Additionally, if the ticket results in losing your driver’s license, you will lose your mode of transportation to work, among other important places, making your life difficult at best, and putting your livelihood at risk at worst.

What Are the Consequences of Getting a Traffic Ticket?


Any traffic ticket results in points being added to your driving record. Even the most minor traffic infractions can take years to disappear from your record, causing your insurance rates to rise and increasing the chances of having your license suspended. In some cases, one specific violation can result in immediate suspension. Obviously, this can cause issues if you drive to and from work, but if you drive as a part of your job, points against your driver’s license will make your employer pay more for your insurance, and this could potentially result in your termination.


A more serious charge such as reckless driving should not be taken lightly, as it is a Class 1 Misdemeanor charge. You could be punished with jail time, large fines, and the loss of your license. It is important to hire a skilled lawyer to defend you against these serious charges and mitigate the potential consequences.

How We Can Help

The Pickett Law Group, PLLC is an experienced law firm with two generations of former prosecutors, who have fought from both sides of the courtroom on all types of legal issues including Minor to Major Traffic Infractions. Our firm has fought to successfully protect the driving records of those who have received any type of traffic ticket. Contact us today and we will begin fighting on your behalf.

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